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Compston Arthur,  Goroke Australia

West Wimmera Mail & Natimuk & Goroke Advertiser 1915  

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - January 8, 1915  Land Sales


Messrs. YOUNG Bros., Horsham, Nhill, Hamilton and branches, report having sold on account Union Trustee Co. Ltd., Collins street, Melbourne, in Estate late Arthur COMPSTON, Goroke, 606 acres, to Mrs. M. J. COMPSTON, and their total sales for the year ending 31, 1914 were - 56,516 acres for £250,682 and leased 100,676 acres.


Goroke Cemetery

The Cemetery is located about 1.5 km east of the town, on the main road to Natimuk/Horsham.


128 COMPSTON, Arthur Abt. 1832 17 Jul 1914 82 Hus of Eliza (127)

126 COMPSTON, Charles        

127 COMPSTON, Eliza Abt. 1832 10 Jan 1907 75 Wife of Arthur (128). Born Co. Armagh, Ireland; died Goroke

122 COMPSTON, John Abt. 1865 3 Sep 1942 77  

123 COMPSTON, Marion Judith Abt. 1881 9 Sep 1961 80

2 COMPSTON, Arthur James Abt. 1859 3 Apr 1877 18 Died Goroke. The headstone is broken along the line of age at death.  


Mortat Station Cemetery

Travelling west from Goroke, on the Goroke � Frances Road (C213), Crabtrees Road is opposite the Ozenkadnook turn-off, approx. 11 km. From Goroke. The property is the first on the left-hand side of Crabtrees Road at the top of the hill. It is believed that about 16 burials took place at the Cemetery. This Cemetery is located on private property, so ensure all necessary permissions have been obtained before visiting.

Service number 253 Place of birth Goroke, VIC, Australia

Place of enlistment Guildford, WA, Australia Next of kin Compston, William

WWI file B2455, COMPSTON J A Australian Military Force

Attestation paper of Persons Enlisted for Service Abroad.

No 253 COMPSTON James Arthur

Unit 5th Div Arty Joined on October 19 1914

In the Parish of Garoke in or near the Town of Garoke in the state of Victoria

Born British Subject age 27 years 11 months, Butcher. Not married.

Address Sandune Road, Geraldton West Aust.,%20VIC,%20Australia

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - Friday, February 18, 1916


Messrs HAGLETHORN and BOLTON under instructions from Mr John COMPSTON, of Goroke, invite tenders, returnable on Saturday, 25th March for the lease for two years of his well known grazing property, situated only three miles from Goroke.

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - March 20, 1914




One of the most successful social functions yet held in Gymbowen took place in the Mechanics Hall on Wednesday, 11th instant, in the form of a pioneers' social. Although steady rain set in at 5.30 over 200 persons attended and without doubt 50 or more folk were deterred by the rain. Sociability was a marked feature from the start to the finish. The committee and especially the president (Mr. A. RICHARDS) and the secretary (Mr. F. MUEGEL) deserve the greatest praise possible in the way in which the arrangements were carried out. It is hoped that this movement will become an annual affair, for the more we of the present generation reflect, the greater should be our respect for the men who fought their way into the heart of Australia and opened up our country. Probably we will never know the extreme hardships they suffered.


Some of the oldest inhabitants present were Mrs. RYAN, 76 years ; Mr. W.A. ROBINSON, 84 ; and Mr. Thos. LEAR, 86. At six o'clock in the supper room of the institute, a nicely prepared dinner was partaken of by all present. The ladies of Gymbowen district had spared no time or trouble to complete the catering arrangements. At 7.30 the hall was packed to receive the evening part of the entertainment.


Mr. A. RICHARDS, in occupying the chair, said it was a pleasure to preside at such a social gathering. As there was a long program, he would commence at once by reading apologies from the following :-- Mrs. KEEPING, snr. ; Messrs. J.C. HAMILTON, J. SUDHOLZ, J. McCLURE,

A. COMPSTON, S.G. KNIGHT, W. McBEAN, A. RODGERS (member for Wannon), and J. THOMPSON (member for Dundas).


Overture, pianoforte duet, Misses S. RICHARDS and M. McCARTHY. Humorous recitation Mr. A. SCHINCKEL.


Mr. R.G. McCLURE said he had much pleasure in being with Gymbowen folk once again. He could speak of as far back as 1874. The older he got, the more respect he had for the sterling value of a generation almost gone. Many of his old friends had crossed the bar, but it did not alter the fact that they were the men of the right calibre. He was sure there was still plenty of pioneering work to be done by the rising generation.

From family tree for BEARDSLEY


4. Mabyn Mary Beardsley 1887 #18162 - 1965 #10807 aged 77 wed 1915 #3289 to Leslie Melville Tully 1886 #18723H son of Mary Ann Compston and William Curry Tully born at Goroke, died as Mrs Cornish

William Curry Tully came c1860 with Catherine Robson,

son William Curry Tully born at Balmoral, wed 1882 #142 to Mary Ann Compston

Victorica Government Gazette

No. 38 Friday May 28 1875

Licenses under Section 19 cont.

No of License 2272 Name of Licensee Arthur Compston Area subject to modification and boundaries and area 319 acres 3 R. 15 P. Parish Goroke date of License 1 June 1875.  Half yearly payment £16.  Fee for licence £1 Payable to Received and Land Officer at Horsham.


Also Licencse 2271 to Mary Anne Compston 320 Acres at Goroke £16 per half year payment.

Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) Friday 2 November 1928


While endeavouring to destroy a troublesome bird about the house Mr. J. Compston, jun., of Goroke, was shot in the foot- He neglected to adjust the safety catch and his gun exploded.

1903  Electoral Role Victoria Wannon Garoke

Arthur Compston Victoria  Wannon  Goroke  

Eliza home worker

Judith Marion home worker

John labourer


Arthur Compston Male 1909  Victoria  Wannon  Goroke  


Judith Marion home worker

John labourer


Arthur Compston Male 1914  Victoria  Wannon  Goroke  

Judith Marion home worker

John farmer