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West Virginia page 2

Abraham Linco[l]n Cumpston

Ken Empath  contacted me on 19th November to say:

 [Note - tree numbers are from Ken's own software]

'I have not been able to track how they got to West Virgina, I know how they got to Pennsylvania, They moved for work as West Virginia is and was a depressed state in America.


 In West Virgina the family name Cumpston changed to Compston due to a type O on a marrige certificate and they liked it better with the O as opposed to containing the "U".   (Changed by Abraham)


 I personally knew Gary Compston (grand father) and Gilbert Compston as well as Robert Compston.


9. GARRETT COMPSTON [See photo) was born on 14 August 1936 in Hundred, Wetzel, West Virginia to Robert G Compston [see photo] 11 and Lucille Butcher [see photo] 12, as shown within family tree 2. Garrett was a Delivery Driver, Mechanic . Garrett died on 16 August 1999, aged 63, in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA.


Note: Corinthinian lodge #573 , 32 degree Mason Scottish rite, Pittsbugh Commandry #1 Knights of Templar

John M. Conroy School 7Th grade promotion 6/24/1949.


10. SHEILA HEWITT (Garrett's wife) was born in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania to Alexander Cullen 43 and Madeline Piles 44. Sheila became a second hand store clerk.

[See also: Indirectly Related via Sheila Hewitt]

Garrett Compston 9 married Sheila Hewitt in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA. They had three children:

Denise Compston 5 in 1956

Glenn Compston 7 in 1958

Gary Compston jr. 8

This family is shown as family tree 3.


Generation of Parents

11. ROBERT G COMPSTON (Garrett's father) was born on 20 May 1908 in Moundsville, Marshall, West Virginia to Abraham Lincon Cumpston 15 and Delia Himilrick [see marriage license] 16, as shown in family tree 4.

Robert was an Automobile Technician.

Robert died on 7 January 1987, aged 78, in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA. He was buried in Hundred, Wetzel, West Virginia.


• Was in National Guard Enlisted in July 8th 1930 @ Littleton, Wv.

Corporal as of 5/1/1931 to discharge 7-7-1933 Released due to end of term

Occupation was painter No wounds recived while in service Was Married at time

Excellent Charecter noted on Enlistment record


• Graduation from 5Th Grade to 6th Grade By Sancho School 4/29/1920.


12. LUCILLE BUTCHER (Garrett's mother) was born on 24 July 1912 to Jackson Butcher 17 and Daisy Unknown 18.  Lucille died on 17 February 1998, aged 85, in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA.  Robert G Compston11 married Lucille Butcher. They had one son: Garrett Compston 9 in 1936


This family is shown within family tree 2.

13. JAMES COMPSTON GILBERT (Garrett's uncle) was born in 1902 in Hundred, Wetzel, West Virginia to Abraham Lincon

Cumpston 15 and Dela Unknown 16, as shown in family tree 4. James died in 1994, aged about 92, in Hundred, Wetzel, West Virginia.


14. RUTH UNKNOWN (Garrett's aunt by marriage) was born in 1903. Ruth died in 1992, aged about 89, in hundred, Wv.

James Compston Gilbert 13 married Ruth Unknown.


Page 3

Garrett Compston Direct Relations


Generation of Grandparents

15. ABRAHAM LINCON CUMPSTON (Garrett's grandfather) was born in 1878. Abraham was a Railroad engineer. Abraham died (Train Derailment) in 1912, aged about 34. Wetzel County WV.


16. DELA UNKNOWN (Garrett's grandmother) was born in 1880. Dela died in 1934, aged about 54. Abraham Lincoln Cumpston 15 married Dela Unknown. They had two sons:

James Compston Gilbert13 in 1902

Robert G Compston 11 in 1908

This family is shown as family tree 4.


17. JACKSON BUTCHER (Garrett's grandfather).

18. DAISY UNKNOWN (Garrett's grandmother).

Jackson Butcher 17 married Daisy Unknown. They had one daughter:

Lucille Butcher 12 in 1912

This family is shown within family tree 2'.



Thanks Ken for all this information.  Can anyone help us move this research further?



The above photos were kindly provided by Ken Empath


Photo 1 Robert Compston West Virginia National Guard


Photo 2 Lucille Butcher with the family Pontiac


Photo 3 Gary Cumpston as a child, husband of Sheila


Photo 4. ' Marriage license

Abrahm and Delia Himilrick 7th November 1901 at The Public Highway, County of Wetzel'

Ken tells me that this is not his relative.


The Abraham Lincoln Cumpston he is related to is 1878-1912 Born in Pennsylavia (supposedly) died in Wetzel County West Virginia on the B&O railroad His earliest record was 1900 .  He was a boarder with the Miles family in Marion Wv, USA





Abraham Lincoln Cumpston

Birth: 29 Apr 1867

Death: 20 Jul 1957 in Chariton., Iowa

Father: Philip Cumpston

Mother: Cynthia Malone


Burial: Jul 1957

Burial: Jul 1957 Chariton., Iowa


Olive Bell Larkin (Wife) b. 24 Jan 1872 in Lucas County., Iowa  

Marriage: 3 APR 1889


James Cumpston

Harry H. Cumpston b. 4 Aug 1891

Edith Merl Cumpston b. 24 Aug 1894

Nellie R. Cumpston b. 12 Jan 1903

Marie Cumpston Harry H. Cumpston   

Birth: 4 Aug 1891

Death: 1 Aug 1938

Father: Abraham Lincoln Cumpston b. 29 Apr 1867

Mother: Olive Bell Larkin b. 24 Jan 1872 in Lucas County., Iowa

Burial: Aug 1938  

Bessie Morrison (Wife) b. 1892  


James Cumpston



Edith Merl Cumpston

Birth: 24 Aug 1894

William Starkey (Husband)

 Fred M. Swim (Husband)


Nellie R. Cumpston

Birth: 12 Jan 1903

Death: 1 Aug 1940

Burial: Aug 1940 1

John Harold Stranger (Husband)

Marriage: 17 DEC 1922



SANCHO cemetery Wetzel county West Virginia - data found by Ken.


Name                           Born      Died              Comment


Compston, Abraham L   1878      1912              [Ken records that this headstone was provided by the B&O railroad since he died whilst running one of their engines.]

Compston, Baby Glenn  10/15/   1958 12/03/1958  

Compston, Della           1880       1934            W/o A L Compston

Compston, James Gilbert 1902  1994              and on the same stone

Ruth Warrick               1903     1992

Compston, Robert         05/20/1908   01/07/1987

Lucille B                      07/24/1912   02/17/1998


Take a look at the website where you can also see BUTCHER and HIMMELRICKS burials: